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In 2023, Pice Gallery emerged in the scenic town of Viana do Castelo, Portugal, as a beacon of artistic innovation and cultural diversity. Founded by Brazilian-born Débora Gonçalves and Michel Paula, this gallery transcends geographical boundaries, offering a unique platform for artists from around the world to showcase their creativity.

The Founders' Vision: Universal Artistic Expression

Débora Gonçalves and Michel Paula, with their roots in Brazil, have created Pice Gallery with a vision that extends far beyond their homeland. Their aim is to build a space that celebrates diversity in art, welcoming artists from every corner of the globe to share their stories and perspectives.

Pice: A Symbol of Artistic Diversity

Choosing the name 'Pice,' inspired by a goddess from Brazilian mythology, the founders pay tribute to their cultural heritage while embracing a global artistic narrative. The gallery is named after the goddess of art and poetry, reflecting the founders' respect for diverse artistic expressions and storytelling traditions from all cultures.

A Global Stage in Viana do Castelo

From its home in Portugal, Pice Gallery is strategically expanding its reach. With plans to establish new galleries in international art capitals like New York, Paris, and São Paulo, Pice Gallery aspires to become a global nexus for artists and art enthusiasts.

A Melting Pot of Artistic Talent

Pice Gallery is dedicated to showcasing a wide array of artistic styles and perspectives. The exhibitions feature everything from traditional to cutting-edge contemporary art, reflecting the gallery's commitment to serving as a melting pot for global artistic talent.

Art and Technology in Harmony

Pice Gallery stands out for its innovative integration of art and technology. Utilizing interactive installations and digital mediums, the gallery offers novel ways for artists to engage with audiences, making art more accessible and interactive.

An Invitation to a World of Art

At Pice Gallery, every visitor is invited to explore the diverse world of art. It's a place where different cultures and artistic styles converge, facilitated by technology that enhances the experience and understanding of art.

Step into the diverse and dynamic world of Pice Gallery, where art transcends borders and technology opens new horizons of creativity. Join us in celebrating the universal language of art in a setting that is as innovative as it is inclusive.

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