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Rada Aragizade

Rada Aragizade

Born and raised in Bulgaria, she delved into the realm of art during the socialist era, engaging as an artist across various organizations and as a designer for artists' shops. With an Aquarian zodiac sign, she possesses an innate appreciation for the finer aspects of life.

Her philosophy intertwines the essence of painting with interior design and contemporary trends, viewing art as an integral part of spatial aesthetics. For her, painting transcends mere representation; it becomes a medium for expressing emotions and sensations, akin to the improvisational nature of jazz music.

In her creations, mood takes precedence, each stroke and hue imbued with the artist's profound sentiments. Her paintings eschew narrative, preferring instead to evoke visceral responses, transporting viewers into myriad emotional landscapes. For her, art is not just a visual spectacle but a gateway to alternate realities, inviting observers to immerse themselves in the kaleidoscope of human feelings.

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Rada Aragizade Painting 60x80cm City triees 2

City triees 2

Rada Aragizade


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