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Anyo Hirota

Anyo Hirota

Cosmic Sumi-e Artist

Born on March 26, 1981, in Osaka Prefecture, currently residing in Ishigaki Island. A transformative moment in my life occurred after a long career in my family's takoyaki shop, which was recognized by the Michelin Guide with a Bib Gourmand award. Overcoming the challenge of cancer, I was inspired to pursue the art of sumi-e, finding solace and expression in the delicate balance of ink and paper.

Artist Statement:

I am ANYO HIROTA, an artist dedicated to exploring the infinitude of the cosmos through the time-honored medium of sumi-e, Japanese ink painting. My works attempt to capture the rebirth of stars, the flow of galaxies, and the mysterious dynamism of the universe. My sumi-e combines deep respect for traditional Japanese techniques with a contemporary sensibility and creativity, presenting a new perspective of the cosmos.

My art invites viewers into a transcendent experience, prompting an inner dialogue with the cosmos. Through the gradations of ink, the flow of water, and the movement of the brush, I strive to capture the formless beauty of nature and the laws of the universe as if tracing the strokes of nature on the infinite canvas of space.

At the heart of my artistic endeavor is an exploration of the eternal connection between humankind and the cosmos. I pick up my brush to deepen the recognition that our existence is a part of a larger cosmic pattern. Each piece celebrates our small place in this vast universe and embodies a humble reverence for its grand scale.

I find profound joy in continuing the dialogue with the cosmos through sumi-e, delving into its wonders, and depicting our world's minute yet significant facets. Each work is a journey capturing a moment of the cosmos, expressing beauty beyond time and space, and I invite viewers to share in this journey.

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Anyo Hirota Painting 42x60cm Whispers of Silence


Anyo Hirota


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