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Denisa Olexa Bogdalikova

Denisa Olexa Bogdalikova

“In dialogue among sculpture, painting, photography, and text, Denisa Olexa Bogdalíková focuses on the portrayal of motives linked with spiritual and materialistic existence of human being. With energetic colorfulness and without realistic descriptiveness, she displays an unstoppable motion of possibilities, resignations, desires, memories, fears, and will. She creates a symbolic space full of pulsating life and condenses our experience into nude figures. The author outlines a cycle of emotions, feelings, and passions in human wetland, where our personal and common story taken place simultaneously. She materializes tensions between our potential and reality in place of constant contact between the physical and immaterial world, in which we are constantly creating non-existing boundaries.” 

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Denisa Olexa Bogdalikova Painting 100x80cm There are no winners in war

There are no winners in war

Denisa Olexa Bogdalikova


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  • 100x80cm