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Dora Keleti

Dora Keleti

Born in 1975 in Budapest, Hungary, into a family where art was the heartbeat of daily life, she was destined to embrace a creative path. Her father, grandfather, and three uncles, all painters, nurtured her in an environment steeped in artistic tradition.

From the age of 6, under the guidance of her father and grandfather, she began learning the fundamentals of drawing. This early exposure to art laid the groundwork for her future endeavors. She completed her high school education at the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts, graduating with a degree in painting, a testament to her early artistic inclinations.

During her formative years, she was privileged to be mentored by the renowned graphic artist András Szunyoghy, whose teachings further honed her skills. For several years, she engaged in oil painting, before life took her on a different path. However, her passion for art rekindled in 2020, leading her back to the world of drawing and painting, this time with renewed vigor and dedication.

In this phase of her artistic journey, she gained significant experience in portrait drawing, working on numerous commissions. 2022 marked a pivotal year in her career as she trained under one of Hungary's most celebrated painters, Kálmán Gasztonyi. This training culminated in a solo exhibition in downtown Budapest in July 2022, a significant milestone in her career.

Following this success, she painted many well-known Hungarian personalities, further establishing her reputation. In December 2023, her talent gained international recognition with a virtual exhibition in an American art gallery showcasing one of her paintings.

Her artworks, rich in detail and expression, have found homes in private collections across the globe, including in Australia, Italy, England, Germany, and Transylvania. Currently, she is engaged in international commissions, with her paintings set to travel to England, the Netherlands, and Austria, showcasing her global appeal and the transcendent nature of her art.

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Dora Keleti


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