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Summer's Twilight

Hybrid Exhibition

Summer's Twilight

1 de agosto de 2024- 31 de agosto de 2024

This exhibition is designed to encapsulate the beauty and warmth of late summer, offering a visual ode to the season's final flourish.

Through this theme, artists are invited to present works that echo the golden hues of August, embodying the rich, warm light that characterizes the end of summer.

The showcase will highlight the abundance of nature during this time, from the bountiful harvests to the lush landscapes bathed in a soft, golden glow.

In an innovative fusion of physical and digital realms, this exhibition adopts a hybrid format that spans tangible and online spaces and creatively integrates them.

Artists who participate virtually will have their works prominently displayed on television screens within the physical gallery, ensuring their creations are celebrated alongside those in the tangible space.

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Deadline for the application:

Exhibition Mode: Hybrid

Fee per artwork:

  • Virtual - €40 EUR VAT included
  • Physical - €150 EUR VAT included

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