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New York City, January 2024 — The city that never sleeps was treated to an extraordinary showcase of artistic talent this past weekend, thanks to Pice Gallery. The gallery, under the dynamic leadership of CEO Débora Gonçalves and COO Michel Paula, brought a slice of their unique art collection to the heart of Manhattan, illuminating the screens of Times Square and engaging with the city's vibrant art scene.

Pice Gallery's Visionary Leaders in the City of Dreams

From January 26th to 29th, Débora Gonçalves and Michel Paula, the driving forces behind Pice Gallery, graced New York City with their presence. Their mission was clear: to promote the gallery's eclectic mix of artists and foster relationships with other galleries and collectors. Gonçalves, known for her keen eye for contemporary art, and Paula, with his expertise in gallery operations, together represent the pioneering spirit of Pice Gallery.

A Times Square Spectacle

Imagine the bustling crowd of Times Square, pausing to gaze up at the towering screens now adorned with vibrant artworks. Pice Gallery made a bold statement in one of the world's most iconic locations, displaying an array of stunning pieces that captured the essence of their diverse collection. This move not only highlighted the gallery's innovative approach to art promotion but also brought contemporary art to the public in an unprecedented way.

Spotlight on the Artists

Pice Gallery's showcase in New York featured an impressive roster of artists: François Farcy, Elisabete Guerreiro, Luiz Dantas, Mona, Barbara D'angelo, Eliana Sá, and Danielle Achkar. Each of these artists contributes to the rich tapestry that is Pice Gallery's collection.

Beyond the Canvas: Networking and Collaborations

Gonçalves and Paula didn't stop at just showcasing art; they actively engaged with New York's art community. Their meetings with local galleries and collectors have laid the groundwork for future collaborations, promising exciting prospects for both Pice Gallery and the broader art world.

Pice Gallery: A Beacon of Artistic Innovation

Pice Gallery, through this event, has reinforced its reputation as a beacon of artistic innovation and cultural exchange. The gallery's approach to promoting artists and engaging with diverse audiences sets a new standard in the art world, bridging gaps and fostering a global art community.

The Future Looks Bright

As Pice Gallery wraps up its successful stint in New York City, the art world eagerly anticipates what's next. This event has not only elevated the gallery's status on the international stage but also paved the way for more groundbreaking exhibitions and collaborations.

Stay connected with Pice Gallery's journey through their website and social media channels, and be part of a movement that's reshaping the landscape of contemporary art.

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