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We are delighted to share highlights from the grand opening of our first unit at Viana do Castelo, which took place on June 22nd. The event was a tremendous success, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter for our organization.

Solo Exhibition by Vasyl Netsko

In Zone 1, visitors were captivated by the solo exhibition of Vasyl Netsko. His artworks, known for their emotional depth and innovative techniques, drew a great deal of admiration and sparked engaging conversations among attendees.

Collective Hybrid Exhibition: "Enchanted Realms"

Zone 2 showcased the collective hybrid exhibition "Enchanted Realms," featuring a diverse group of talented artists. The exhibition successfully blended physical and virtual elements, providing an immersive and multifaceted experience.

Artists with Physical Artworks:
- Dora Keleti
- Natalia Krüger
- Cristiana Giacchetti
- Hermano Noronha
- Mara Bonofiglio

Artists with Virtual Artworks Displayed on TV:
- Olke
- Funky Feminine Art
- Mario Devčić
- Marc Noël
- Kenan K.
- Katalin Tremmel Hudik
- Cara Distefano

"Enchanted Realms" presented a rich tapestry of visual narratives, showcasing a wide range of styles and mediums. The hybrid nature of the exhibition allowed for a broader reach, engaging both local visitors and a global audience through the virtual displays.

Exhibition Period: June 22nd - July 31st

The exhibitions are ongoing and will run until July 31st. We encourage everyone who hasn't yet visited to take advantage of this opportunity to experience these remarkable artworks.

We are pleased to share some photos from the grand opening event:


The artist Vasyl Netsko.

The artist Hermano Noronha telling about his artwork "BD - Bailinhos e Danças de Carnaval da Ilha Terceira."


The founder Débora Gonçalves with the artwork "Magic Stag" by Dora Keleti


Débora Gonçalves and Vasyl Netsko


The founder Débora Gonçalves with the artwork "O guará" by Natalia Krüger


The artists Hermano Noronha and Vasyl Netsko, and the Hermano's wife.






Visit Us

The exhibitions are open to the public, and we look forward to welcoming more visitors.

Thank you to everyone who attended the grand opening and supported our new venture. We are excited about the future and the many more artistic endeavors to come!

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