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Vedran Bukovina, Master of Visual Arts:
"Life is a collection of moments. As an artist, when I create, I enter a state of consciousness where time and place cease to exist. There is only infinity and perfect peace. Art is my life, and life is beautiful!”


Vedran Bukovina was born on June 6, 1979, in Zagreb, Croatia.
He holds a master's degree in visual arts from the Arthouse College of Visual Arts, a bachelor's degree in pedagogical-psychological-didactic-methodological sciences from the Faculty of Philosophy, and a degree in Business and Financial Economics.
He is certified in art therapy and is a Therapeutic Art Life Coach from San Francisco.
Vedran has exhibited his works in more than 180 solo and group juried exhibitions in various locations across the globe, including Zagreb, Milan, Padua, Monaco, Paris, Longarone, Doha, London, Athens, Dubai, Venice, Firenze, Delhi, New York, and Los Angeles.
He has won several prestigious awards and has been featured in numerous books by famous contemporary artists.
Additionally, he has participated in several humanitarian art colonies, and his works are in several collections both in his home country and abroad.

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