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Aleksandra Ivanova

Aleksandra Ivanova

Art made its grand entrance into her life at a surprisingly late stage, awakening the dormant soul of an artist within her. While she always found herself drawn to creating art for various school projects, it wasn't until about seven or eight years ago that she truly found her calling. At a crossroads in her life, she made the decisive move to explore painting, a decision that would redefine her path.

Her increasing dedication to art led her to discover the Academy of Art in the capital city. Fueled by determination and a growing passion, she worked tirelessly, eventually gaining admission to the prestigious National Academy of Art in Sofia. Today, she proudly holds a degree as a textile designer and visual artist, backed by four years of enriching experience. Her journey has been adorned with numerous accolades, including the distinguished 'Student of the Year' award for 2020 in the art category. Her art has traveled, leaving its mark in various places, enriched by exchanges and stories.

Abstract art has always been the brightest flame in her artistic repertoire, a fact that is prominently reflected in her works. Last year, inspired by the innocent gaze of a child, she began experimenting with collage, creating pieces that combined various elements like photographs and drawings. She didn't stop there; she pushed the boundaries further by deconstructing and reworking her finished pieces, infusing them with new life and intent. This innovative approach soon found its way into fashion and interior design projects.

As an artist driven by emotion, her primary aim is for each piece to radiate the soul and passion invested in it, to resonate with every viewer on a personal level. Her ultimate dream is for her audience to stand before her works and find their own unique meaning, to feel the art in their own individual way.

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Aleksandra Ivanova Fine Print Is not a dog

Is not a dog

Aleksandra Ivanova

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