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Ana Carrasquinho is from the Algarve and has lived in Lisbon since 2000. Influenced by the family, especially by one of her brothers, she is still a child when she starts in the arts. She studied Art and design/Plastic Arts and took small courses as a designer and makeup artist of civil construction, screen printing, ceramics, oil, acrylic and watercolor. Create your own model and advertising studio. She is a multipurpose artist and her imagination and creativity combined with her passion for nature make her constantly researching raw materials to experiment with natural colors. In Lisbon he returns to oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor canvases and begins experiments with pouring. It starts with fabric painting, tilery and decorative arts. Join the ParK group. ART of the Park of Nations and participates in several group exhibitions with it. All his works are signed by Biboné, his stage name!

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Biboné Painting 40x50cm SAND




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  • 40x50cm