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CAPELA, was born in Lisbon in April 1973. 
With a higher education in Advertising and Marketing, he completed just two years of his professional career in this field, because an invitation made him embrace a career in television where he worked with some of the biggest names in television in Portugal. 
Author of two books, CAPELA started painting in 2012. He has been a pupil of the Portuguese painter Gabriel Garcia. 
CAPELA defines his Art as visceral and chaotic. No defined lines. He can also be included in Jean Dubuffet definition of Art Brut. Capela is definitely an Expressionist and likes to say that his Art Is intentionally sloppy. 
It was with surprise that he received an invitation in 2015, for his first individual exhibition at ESPAÇO BRAHMI in Cascais, because he started painting for catharsis, not to exhibit for others. He also no longer dedicated himself to exhibitions after this first one, until he felt that his work would have quality to be exhibited 

In October 2021, Capela was represented by the Van Gogh Art Gallery from Madrid at the Innsbruck Art Fair 2021 

Capela was also presented at an exhibition at the Van Gogh Art Gallery in Madrid after the Art Fair. 

Capela was presented in a collective Exhibition for the Holy Art Gallery in London in May 2021. 

Capela is present at the The Contemporary Art of Excellence  |  Vol. IV Book 2021, the fourth edition of the fully-illustrated artist collection that showcases contemporary artworks curated by the GAA and partners. It contains some of the most investable new artists of 2021. 


Capela is also present at the Boomer Magazine Second Edition, SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY. 

From September 16, 2023 to December 31, 2023, he was present at the collective exhibition organized by Beja City Council with the theme “Mariana Alcoforado”. This work will also be on permanent display and will be part of the collection of the future “Beja Mater” Museum, dedicated to the city of Beja. 


From the 27th of April 2024 to May 27th, he will be exhibiting at Arca Gallery in Lisbon. 


"If a creative explosion blows inside you, and your "guts" are splashed into a canvas, that is never bad Art!" 

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Capela Painting 116x89cm Judas Christ or the false philantropists

Judas Christ or the false philantropists



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