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Elisabete Guerreiro

Elisabete Guerreiro

Born in Faro on May 3, 1968, and having spent 17 years in Lisbon, she now calls Spain her home. Her passion for Fine Arts was evident from a young age, leading her to pursue Art and Design during her secondary education. Her academic journey in the arts began with a graduation in Visual Education in 1992 from the Escola Superior de Educação de Beja. She further expanded her expertise by enrolling in the Equipment Design course at the Faculdade de Arquitetura de Lisboa in 1994.

In 2019, she embraced the digital age of learning by completing an online Footwear Design course at ESME Fashion School in Madrid. With a remarkable 30-year career as a Visual Education teacher, she has significantly contributed to the field, including creating EVT manuals for Constância - Santillana Publisher. Her role extends beyond teaching; she is an external trainer for the Aesthetic and Artistic Education Program of the Directorate-General for Education (DGE) in Portugal.

Her artistic skills are honed through various courses and workshops in drawing, painting, and sculpture, learning from esteemed Spanish artists such as Pablo Lanuza, Alberto Germán, Irene Cuadrado, Coque Bayan, Cecílio Chaves, Ana Sara Soberón, and Eduardo Millán.

Since the late 1980s, she has been an active participant in the art scene, showcasing her work in individual and collective exhibitions across diverse locations including Madrid, Nerja, Córdoba, Barcelona, Algarve, Beja, Lisbon, Ayamonte, Seville, South Korea, Armenia, and Turkey. Her recent participations include the ARTEXPOALGARVE Art Fair in Loulé and Portimão Arena, as well as DOWNTOWN CHIADO 2023 at Atelier Galeria Natália Gormicho in Lisbon.

Her artistic talents extend to the literary world, contributing illustrations to several poetry books and creating impactful images for the International Women's Day posters for MDM in Faro for three consecutive years.

As a member of the International Art Association "PAS - Peace and Art Society" based in Faro, and part of painter groups Portugal/Spain "Luz de Mujer" and "Entre 2 Margens," she continues to be an influential figure in the international art community.

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Elisabete Guerreiro Painting 81x60cm Mulher Sonhadora

Mulher Sonhadora

Elisabete Guerreiro


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