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Funky Feminine Art

Funky Feminine Art

Caley, known artistically as Funky Feminine Art, is an avid explorer of both the natural world and vibrant cultures. Her artwork is a reflection of her passion for travel, painting, and the serene beauty of nature. Caley's creative process is often accompanied by her loyal cat, Ninja, who brings a touch of whimsy to her studio.

Driven by her aspiration to travel the globe, Caley finds inspiration in the diverse landscapes and rich textures of the places she visits. Her favorite pastime, kayaking, allows her to connect deeply with nature, with the rhythm of the water mirroring the strokes of her paintbrush. Her love for sushi not only satisfies her palate but also influences the fluidity and precision of her artistic expression.

Through her unique, Funky Feminine lens, Caley captures the essence of the world's beauty, inviting viewers to join her on this colorful and inspirational journey.

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Funky Feminine Art Painting 76x61cm Mirror, mirror
Funky Feminine Art Painting 76x61cm Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror

Funky Feminine Art


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  • 76x61cm