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Gabriel Gurgel

Gabriel Gurgel

Gabriel Freire, a Luso-Brazilian artist, hails from Natal in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. He ventures into various realms of art, signing his photography and audiovisual works as Gabriel Gurgel and his musical creations under the pseudonym Playboi Zuka. Gabriel's artistic journey began in childhood, inspired by his artist parents. At 10, he stepped into the world of theater, and by 15, he started photographing music festivals in northeastern Brazil.

In 2015, at the age of 18, Gabriel's artistic career took a new turn in Lisbon, Portugal, focusing on photography and videography. He specialized in street photography, capturing the essence of Lisbon's music scene and nightlife. His notable contributions included participating in two photography exhibitions in 2019, "Lisbon through the Eyes of an Immigrant" and "Youth of Lisbon," alongside various artists. His foray into music photography led him to capture Portuguese parties and festivals, photographing artists who would become his contemporaries.

Gabriel collaborated with brands like One Step Forward, WAVV, Rap Notícias, One House Only, and venues such as Musicbox and Máus Hábitos in the audiovisual field. His cinema and television experiences began in 2019 as an actor and filmmaker, working on international music videos and advertisements for brands like Moche and Skyhour.

In 2019, he debuted in the music world as Playboi Zuka with the single "Tropicália," garnering attention in the early stages of Portuguese trap music and collaborating with Altafonte Portugal. He performed across Portugal, sharing stages and opening for renowned rappers like L-Ali and Pierre Bourne. In 2021, he released his first EP "VOID," with singles "Mutante" and "Ok" gaining prominence through a project involving the Portuguese company Multiverse Content and the German 27km. The music video for "Mutante," directed by Luís da Silva and photographed by Bernardo Infante, was nominated for five categories at the “International Film Festival in Berlin,” competing against artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Boy Pablo.

In 2022, after completing his Cinema and Television studies, Gabriel continued his musical journey in Lisbon. He then embarked on two cinema projects: a documentary titled "oseias." and a mockumentary-style short film "15" by Francisco Neves, where he played himself. The film "15" premiered at the “International Film Festival of Espinho,” receiving a nomination and later screened at the Motelx festival.

Returning to Natal in 2022, Gabriel reconnected with his artistic roots, producing his most mature musical project to date, the album "Nova Descoberta." The album featured collaborations with Brazilian musicians from his family and Portuguese artists Tristany and Jota. Supported by DoSol, one of Brazil's major independent producers, as part of the "Incubadora Project" backed by the Brazilian company Oi, the album blended electronic influences with Brazilian, Afro-Brazilian, and Latin music. He debuted the album in Brazil at the Dosol Festival, accompanied by a six-member band, including his father.

Back in Portugal, he launched his album at the BOTA anjos space. Currently, Gabriel's musical repertoire is becoming increasingly eclectic, mirrored in his career with his fiction debut in "15." He continues to explore street photography and videomaking, recently working on the music video for Tixa's single "Bag." Looking ahead, Gabriel is preparing various projects, including a photographic exhibition, a video and live music installation, a new 7-track EP, and a fiction series he is writing, produced by the creators of the short film "15."

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Gabriel Gurgel


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