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Giannina Santilli

Giannina Santilli

I come from a rich blend of cultures, born in Costa Rica to an Italian father and a Panamanian-Chinese mother, but Miami became my home when I was just a baby.

 At 18, I moved to Guatemala, where I lived for 23 years, raising my three incredible children. Despite my love for art, I became a chef to support my family.

In 2018, I fulfilled a dream by opening a restaurant in Antigua Guatemala, showcasing my artwork alongside my culinary creations. Sadly, COVID forced its closure. Over the years, I've never stopped painting and sculpting, but now, at 41 I am able to dedicate my life to what I love the most, ART.

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Giannina Santilli Painting 90x100cm A Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life

Giannina Santilli


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