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Vita OLKE The painter OLKE (Ole Keller) discovered his love and means of expression through abstract and representational painting late in life. OLKE was born in 1969 in the Ruhr area, one of three children in a family of restaurateurs. After a commercial apprenticeship and a corresponding career that took him to Frankfurt am Main, OLKE returned to the Ruhr area with his wife in 2001 after the birth of his son. "I am in a never-ending adventure in which I am always looking for new ways to be innovative and give my work more depth." This adventure began in spring 2023. Inspired by social media, OLKE began to gain experience in dealing with colors and creating abstract paintings using acrylic paint on canvas. Different media were quickly used and the portfolio was expanded to include pop art and surreal paintings. "Art is created twice. First by the artist and later by the viewer."

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OLKE Painting 70x140cm Under Water

Under Water



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