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Winnie mixed art - neo popart

Winnie mixed art - neo popart

neo pop - art Winnie Meeus curriculum Vitae With roots in Belgium, I am a neo-pop artist inspired by the vibrant scene of the late eighties. New York. My art, an ironic and conceptual reinterpretation of pop art, blurs the line between kitsch and art. My life motto "Tene Quod Bene!" reflects my commitment to providing the best quality, especially in the pleasures of life: food, wine, music, films and design. My artistic journey, told through colorful paintings, finds international success. I mainly work with acrylic paint on canvas, where I do not shy away from knives and spray cans. My trademark is creating works of art inspired by the moment, often featuring strong ladies and large hats, a symbol of protection. Driven by color psychology, I integrate the meaning of colors into my works, influenced by observations of various situations. My godmother, a progressive lady, inspires my images. The hat represents safety, a theme that extends to different ladies in various situations. My knowledge, formed at the Wine Art Gallery, has stimulated my artistic development. Color psychology plays a central role in my works, using warm and cool colors to influence emotions. My art finds applications in various sectors, where I unconsciously set the tone for harmony, love or inspiration in every space. As an artist, I believe that an individual's identity is at the core of existence, and my artwork is rooted in this belief. I strive to provide positive distraction with my art, a beacon of inspiration and reflection for the viewer.

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Winnie Painting 80x60cm Round Table

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