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Solo Exhibition

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For the 2024 agenda, our gallery space is divided into two zones: Zone 1 is designated exclusively for solo exhibitions, while Zone 2 is allocated for our collective showcases.

Starting in 2025, we are expanding our format to allow both Zone 1 and Zone 2 to host solo exhibitions. This change will provide more opportunities for artists to exhibit their work independently.

When you participate in our exhibition, the following services are included to support and enhance your experience:

  • Online Marketing: We will promote the exhibition through various online channels to maximize visibility and engagement.
  • Unpacking and Packing: Our staff will assist with unpacking your artworks upon arrival and repacking them for safe return after the exhibition concludes.
  • Exclusive Online Page: Each artist will receive a dedicated page on the Pice Gallery website, providing a platform to showcase their work and artist profile.
  • Commission: We take a commission of 30% on any artwork sold during the exhibition or through our website. If you are unable to provide an invoice for the sale, the commission rate will increase to 40%.