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E. Ferreira

E. Ferreira

Her art speaks more about her than she could ever express herself. Born in Várzea Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil, on April 18, 1997, she encountered art before she even knew what art was. At the tender age of five, she began writing short stories accompanied by illustrations, finding comfort and peace in her artistic pursuits. Despite a humble childhood that necessitated a separation from the artistic world, she used her creativity to achieve her current standing.

Now residing in England, she has found the time to embrace the love she feels for inspiration, seeking further details within which she has discovered more about herself. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and giftedness (a dual exceptionality), she strives to articulate in detail what it's like to live with mental chaos, feeling everything intensely and all at once.

In her paintings and writings, a consistent pattern is hard to find; they are a conduit for her spontaneous ideas, random studies, and all her emotions.

Her foremost dream has always been for her art to someday touch or reach someone, and this desire continues to shape how she chooses to express herself.

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E. Ferreira Painting 30x40cm Quem mal entendia a lucidez

Quem mal entendia a lucidez

E. Ferreira


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