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Victoria Bibs

Victoria Bibs

Born in the vibrant city of Moscow, Russia, her artistic journey began with formal training in an art school and continued through self-directed study. Her world transformed when she encountered the dynamic Hip Hop duo from France, Les Twins. Mesmerized by their extraordinary movements, she found herself captivated, spending countless hours watching their performances on YouTube. This intense admiration was not just a passing interest; it was a profound inspiration that compelled her to express her overwhelming emotions through art.

What makes her unique is her singular focus on Les Twins as her muses. While some might view this as a limitation, she experiences it as liberation. Unlike many artists who confine themselves to a particular technique while exploring diverse subjects, she flips this norm on its head. Les Twins are her constant inspiration, yet her artistic expression is boundless, encompassing an array of techniques, mediums, and styles. She boldly experiments, mixing graffiti with oil paints, incorporating texture paste for unique effects, and extending her art beyond traditional canvases to include paper, wooden panels, jackets, sneakers, and even walls.

Her artistic breakthrough came with a graffiti piece on the street D’Aubervilliers in Paris, which caught the attention of the French gallery 'Echo musée.' They invited her to participate in their “Les 300” exhibition in December 2022. This opportunity marked a turning point in her career, signaling her readiness to ascend to new heights. Her journey is a testament to the power of finding one's muse and the limitless possibilities that emerge when an artist fearlessly experiments with their craft.

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Victoria Bibs Painting 65x90cm Poetry of streets

Poetry of streets

Victoria Bibs


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